What if there were a way to check on your 

K9 Partner from your cell phone?

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One glance at your smart phone gives you peace of mind that your K9 is safe.

AceWatchDog gives your HOT-N-POP®PRO or K9 HEAT ALARM®PRO a Voice

Price $899.00

  • No need to carry another device, any Smartphone works
  • Custom Web Application that is compatible on all brands
  • Receive warning notifications BEFORE the DANGER and Alarm Happens
  • Multiple personnel can monitor multiple vehicles
  • Handler, Supervisor, Fellow Handlers and Family can receive notifications
  • Texts & Automated Voice Calls to Celluar and Voice Calls to Landline
  • Choose who receives "Warnings" vs. Who Receives "Full Alarm" Notifications
  • Who and Type of Notifications can be changed easily when needed
  • Multiple Live Cloud Servers Monitor AceWatchDog™ Systems

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AceWatchDog Screen Shot

To Order Call 772-600-7574 Price $899.00 have the serial number of your AceK9 Unit Ready.

Don't know how to find your serial number?
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