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Police Vehicle Anti-Theft Module

Police Vehicle Anti-Theft Module
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Price: $150.00
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For over 20 years, this police tool has protected thousands of agency vehicles from the liability of chases, fatalities, damage to vehicles, and loss of weapons.

How It Works

The Tremco Police Package Anti-Theft System has solved the problem of police vehicle theft.

Law enforcement officers are faced with the unique problem of being required to leave their engines running, even when the officer is no longer behind the wheel. With our system, every time the officer shifts into park, it activates the anti-theft system. If an unauthorized person attempts to drive the police vehicle way, they would be unable to pull the shift lever out of the park position. When the officer returns to the vehicle, he simply presses a hidden covert switch while shifting out of park.

The Tremco Anti-Theft System

  • Now Police can leave their cruisers running unattended for emergency situations.

  • Allows emergency lighting ... computers, radios, heaters, air conditioners, and defrosters to operate while maintaining needed battery current.

  • Gives police officer more security at the scene of an accident or when the cruiser is occupied by prisoners/passengers while the engine and accessories are running.

  • Inexpensive. Fast and easy to use with our patented camouflaged system.

  • Easy installation in less than ten minutes.

By designing a system that goes on automatically, it assures 100% usage. There are no keys to lose or codes to forget. Deactivation becomes "second nature" to the officer and after a week or so, they don't even realize they're using it.

This system is 100% reliable, convenient for the user, simple plug-in installation and inexpensive.

The system also gives 24 hour protection. If the ignition lock is destroyed or the keys are illegally obtained, the thief would still be unable to shift the vehicle out of park.

Only Available for Domestic GM,Ford & Dodge POLICE PACKAGE VEHICLES
Please State Vehicle Make, Model & Year When Ordering

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